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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book your services? 

We know your time is valuable, which is why we make it easy to book your cleaning services with us. Just call or text us at 470 952 9626, or fill out our contact form, and we'll get back to you  promptly to schedule your appointment.

Will I need to supply cleaning products?

No- we will provide our own cleaning supplies. We offer both regular, commonly recognized products, and green products. If you have a specially requested item, you may provide it for us on cleaning day.


Do you use any disinfectant?

Yes. We clean and sanitize all surfaces according to the CDC guidelines.


​Do I need to present while you are cleaning? 

Many of our clients prefer us to clean while they are away from home, but you are more than welcome to remain. Please have your home picked up and arrangements made for gate codes, hidden keys, etc. 


What should I do with my pets during the cleaning?

We are pet-friendly! Your pets are free to roam if they do not become agitated by loud noises (e.g., vacuums), or strange people in their space. Please advise us if you have pets and provide any information you think may be necessary. Though not a requirement, many pet owners prefer to remove their pets from the areas we clean in order for us to do so more efficiently. 


​My home has an alarm system- what do I need to do? 

Please make sure all alarms are disabled on the day of service. We will not assume responsibility for charges rendered if the alarm is accidentally triggered during a visit.


Do you move furniture? 

Yes- we cannot move heavy furniture, however, but will move small pieces, including sofas, chairs, rugs, and coffee tables.


Do you use bleach? 

Yes- we have not found a chemical as effective as bleach to remove tough stains, especially in the bathroom.


How do I pay for my service?

We accept cash and check on the day of service. Please make checks payable to WCS Cleaning. Please note, there is a $30 fee for returned checks. We also accept Venmo or credit card.


​Is a contract required for service?

No- service can be started or stopped with a phone call or an email. 


Will I be penalized for canceling an appointment?

We do not charge cancellation penalties. If you must cancel, please, inform us as soon as possible, so we can reorganize our schedule.


​What happens if my belongings are damaged? 

If we break or damage an item, we will inform you. We will replace the item if possible, or reimburse you upon arrangement. We will not assume responsibility for items that are improperly hung, surfaces that are not correctly sealed, or for items already cracked or damaged.


How are the missed items addressed? 

QUALITY IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY! We try to do a perfect job every time, but if we missed something, please contact us (text message, email, or phone), and let us know.  Depending on the nature of the mistake, we will either address it immediately or correct it during the following visit.


Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully covered.

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