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Deep Cleaning

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Elevate Your Home's Cleanliness with Deep Cleaning Services!

In life, there are countless moments when your regular cleaning routine simply isn't enough. Be it family gatherings during holidays, welcoming a new addition to the family, recovering from an extended illness, or the annual wear and tear of a busy life, there are occasions that prompt a closer look at your home's cleanliness. This is where deep cleaning steps in, setting a new standard for your living space and taking it to the next level of cleanliness.

Our Approach: At Felicio Cleaning Services, our weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly housekeeping services always kick off with a comprehensive deep clean. This initial deep cleaning covers every nook and cranny, from hidden corners to often overlooked areas like behind picture frames and on top of appliances. It ensures that your home is not just clean but truly pristine, serving as a solid foundation for ongoing maintenance.

The Cost of Deep Cleaning: The average cost of a deep cleaning service typically falls within the range of $300 to $500. This is one of the more intensive cleaning tasks, typically requiring 5 to 8 hours of work by a team of two cleaners. To provide you with an accurate estimate, we need to assess the job in person; it's not possible to provide a quote online or over the phone.

Why Opt for Deep Cleaning? Deep cleaning is a highly valuable service that proves beneficial in various scenarios, including:

  1. Spring Cleaning: Stay ahead of seasonal allergies and asthma triggers by thoroughly purging irritants from your home through a top-tier deep clean.

  2. Open Houses: If you're preparing to sell your home, making it as clean as possible is the ideal way to showcase its best features to potential buyers.

  3. Initial Cleaning Services: When you're embarking on a partnership with a cleaning company, an all-encompassing deep clean establishes an optimal starting point for future maintenance.

  4. Hosting Guests: Ensure your guests enjoy relaxation in an immaculate environment with our full deep cleaning service.

You Deserve a Spotless Haven: Your home should be a place of comfort and cleanliness. Contact our team at 470-952-9626 to arrange our deep cleaning services and experience the difference today!

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