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Our Rates

Average Regular Cleaning Price

3 Bed / 2 Bath 

Weekly  $135

Bi-Weekly  $155

Monthly  $170

4 Bed / 3 Bath 

Weekly  $155

Bi-Weekly  $170

Monthly  $190

4+ Bed / 3+ Bath 

Weekly  $170

Bi-Weekly  $190

Monthly  $250


If you have any further questions regarding our pricing model, reach out to the Felicio Cleaning Services team at  470 952 9626 We will gladly answer all of your inquiries.

Inicial Cleaning

To start the process, we typically begin with a deep clean. This is also available as an independent service, though it is the first step in routine cleaning arrangements.

The fees for the first cleaning job will be marginally higher than subsequent visits. The first time visit takes approximately 4 to 8 hours with a team of 2 cleaners.

The average price for initial cleaning or deep cleaning is between $300 and $600

Because no two homes are the same, many factors go into determining your customized price. We'll stop by and do a FREE evaluation before giving you a final quote. 

  • Minimum price for any service is $120

  • Monthly cleaning is only available for condos and townhouses

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